by ianli

The Birthday Parade

Mar 23, 2014

The bunny invited his buddies for a birthday parade. He played the accordion, his favorite instrument, to put everyone into a party mood.

The rooster, while small, is the loudest of the bunch. He blew on his purple party horn to get everyone marching on the same beat.

The fox is carrying a gift, which she carefully wrapped in green paper and white ribbons. I wonder what is inside?

The rhino, a superb baker, spent all day baking a 3-layer cake. There is no doubt it’s delicious.

The astronaut loves balloons. You’d often see her floating with one in hand. That the astronaut might drift too high in the sky always worries the dinosaur.

The cat is last in the parade because he had been busy putting the finishing touches on a donkey piñata. That’s alright, a piñata is the perfect party favor for a birthday.