by ianli


Roundlings are cute and cuddly characters created by Ian Li.

This website is a repository of illustrations, comics, and writings that feature the Roundlings.

Early history

The first Roundling I drew was the blue bunny in October 2011. The character was inspired by a picture of a baby swinging in a pink bunny suit.

In February 2014, I drew a bunch of Valentine’s Day cards that featured five new Roundlings: a cat, a fox, a chicken, a rhino, and a dinosaur. Along with the bunny, the characters represented the six colors of the rainbow. Later, I added a seventh Roundling, an alien/astronaut.

Who is Ian Li?

Photo of Ian Li

Hi, I’m Ian Li! I love drawing. I hope you enjoy the Roundlings as much as I enjoyed drawing them.

I live in California with my wife and daughter. When I’m not drawing, I like to watch movies, go dancing, create websites, eat spicy foods.